After the baffling trailer for Abandoned was revealed by PlayStation yesterday, people had started to suspect it might be the work of Hideo Kojima, rather than Blue Box Games. It’s not. 

The trailer, apparently odd enough to make people think it’s the work of Hideo Kojima, with its photorealistic forest, choppy framerate and smoke png’s, is actually just the world of studio Blue Box Games, whose minimal presence online isn’t a cover, they’re just a small studio. 

Instead of secretly developing games to release under pseudonyms, Hideo Kojima has reportedly been in talks with Microsoft about publishing his next game, according to a VentureBeat source familiar with the matter.

This might have already been teased before by Phil Spencer, by having a Kojima Productions statue on his shelf behind him during the AI and Research Summit 2021. This might seem innocuous with Phil just merely enjoying the studio, but this is the man who hid an Xbox Series S on his bookcase without anyone knowing in the past.