HiBy WH2 is an affordable truly wireless earbuds with LDAC support

July 24, 2021
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HiBy recently introduced WH2, a truly wireless earbuds with an affordable price tag. The main highlight of HiBy WH2 is its LDAC support. LDAC is Sony’s industry-adopted audio coding technology that transmits approximately three times more data (at the maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps) than conventional Bluetooth audio, allowing you to enjoy uncompromised music quality.

I’ve been using HiBy WH2 for a few weeks now and here are my thoughts on it:

  • LDAC support: If you want LDAC in a truly wireless earbuds, you don’t have many options in the market right now. Sony WF-1000XM4 comes with LDAC support, but it costs $279! HiBy WH2 only costs $105.
  • Audio Quality: The overall audio quality of WH2 is decent. Considering the price tag, I would rate the audio quality as good. It delivers a balanced sound with good treble and decent bass. In the LDAC mode, the audio quality failed to meet my expectations. The difference between the LDAC and regular Bluetooth was very minimal.
  • Design and Build quality: The charging case of WH2 is well built and it gives a solid feel in the hand. The earbuds are designed for ergonomics, and they weigh only 4.5g each. You will be able to wear them comfortably for a longer period.
  • Stability: I experienced frequent audio cut-outs when streaming LDAC from an Android device. In a regular Bluetooth setup, the connection seems to be more stable.
  • Controls: The WH2 features touch controls on both earbuds. You can customize double-tap/triple-tap actions through their companion app.
  • Battery Life: In real-world conditions, you will be able to use WH2 for about 3-4 hours on a single charge.
  • Companion app: This is the worst part of HiBy WH2. The companion app on Android looks terrible and it is not reliable as well. When the app is working well, you will be able to adjust the EQ and touch controls. This app also has an option that will allow you to update the firmware of the earbuds. Unfortunately, the firmware update option didn’t work for me till now. Hopefully, HiBy will redesign their companion app to offer a better experience for users.

You can check out HiBy WH2 Kickstarter page here.

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