HG Software’s augmented reality apps leverage Windows Phone 8



A few days ago, version 2.0 of all of HG Software’s augmented reality apps passed Windows Phone Store certification. Version 2 is available exclusively for Windows Phone 8 and leverages new Windows Phone 8 features. Version 1 is still available for Windows Phone 7 and will continue to receive updates, too.

ATMs Online and Toilets Online are free location-based augmented reality apps that help the user finding ATMs and toilets/restrooms respectively. Both apps now use the new Windows Phone 8 map control that brings new cartographic modes (ATMs Online and Toilets Online use road, hybrid and aerial) and supports offline maps which improves map performance and also helps reducing internet traffic.

Spyglass ($1.99 / free trial) is a comprehensive augmented reality app to create, download, manage and view targets/POIs (points of interest) on the phone. It offers various sources for targets like GPX import, Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap. The user may for example use this to explore foreign towns, identify landmarks, find back to important places or for Geocaching. Like ATMs Online and Toilets Online, version 2 of Spyglass uses the Windows Phone 8 map control that brings new cartographic modes (Spyglass uses all of them, i.e. road, hybrid, aerial and terrain) and supports offline maps which in this case not only improves map performance and helps reducing internet traffic but also significantly improves the usability of Spyglass in areas without network coverage.

Where Is My Car? ($0.99 / free trial) is an augmented reality app that helps managing/finding one’s parked car. It can save the car’s location with just one tap right from the start screen and also has a parking time reminder. Version 2 supports Windows Phone 8 large tiles to display information about the parked car on the start screen.

Users of Windows Phone 8 automatically get the current version 2.0.0 for these apps while users of Windows Phone 7 get version 1.3.2 which was released at the same time and contains fixes for some minor bugs.

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ATMs Online


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Where Is My Car?

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