Here’s the surprise new feature on Windows 10 Build 10159


Microsoft today released Windows 10 Build 10159 to Insiders. The latest build doesn’t come with a lot of new features, and it mostly focuses on bug fixes.Build 10159 introduces 300 bug fixes and the new Windows 10 default wallpaper. Alongside these additions, there’s also an interesting change on Build 10159 that Microsoft decided to not reveal.

So what’s the interesting change on Build 10159? It’s an improved login screen. On Build 10159, the login has a wallpaper on the background as you can see on the screenshot above- of course, this isn’t a huge addition, however, it does improve the user experience. Nonetheless, tell us what you think of the surprise change on Windows 10 Build 10159 in the comment section below!

Via: George KingWinBeta

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