Gears of War 5 was announced at Xbox’s E3 2018 conference but before they told us about the fifth entry in the series, they teased us with one of the weirdest entries in the Gears franchise: Gears POP!

We haven’t seen any gameplay of the upcoming mobile game at all, not even during its announcement, but it’s finally here. The official Gears POP! YouTube channel has shared a video featuring the game’s lead designer and The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson to showcase numerous aspects of the game.

Gears POP has been announced as a bite-sized battle PvP game. In the game, you have to place down units to take over territory on the map. Units have to take cover and stay there in order to claim the territory; different units take cover over different periods of time.

Most units have their own abilities and ultimates that allow you to play more strategically. One ability shown in the gameplay demo brings in the series’ iconic Hammer of Dawn.

Gears POP! looks like a fun and enjoyable mobile title that should entertain Gears fans until Gears of War 5 comes along. The game is currently in its soft launch phase, but we should see it sometime during 2019.