Here’s everything unveiled at Capcom’s E3 showcase

June 15, 2021

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After a quieter day at E3 today, fans were hoping for some big reveals at Capcom’s E3 event, many of whom are now very disappointed. 

The show started off with a message from Resident Evil Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda, who announced that the multiplayer title Resident Evil Re:Verse “will go live next month,” and will be free to anyone who owns Resident Evil Village. 

Following this, it was announced in a statement that “by popular demand, development has just started on additional DLC for Resident Evil Village.” With “more info later” there’s no telling when this DLC might launch, or what it’ll be about, but it will at least exist. 

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin then took to the stage with a new trailer, featuring a lot of story explanation and a few glimpses at gameplay. Unlike the main Monster Hunter games, in this story, rather than fighting the series’ devastating dragons, you’re teaming up with them to unravel a deeper mystery about what’s going on in the world. 

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is set to launch on July 9th on Nintendo Switch. A few days later on July 15th, a new controllable “Monstie”, Palamute, from Monster Hunter Rise, will be joining the game, in the first content update.   

The launch of Monster Hunter Stories 2 will also mark “Capcom collab 1” in which Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be appearing in Monster Hunter Rise through a series of cosmetics. Luckily that’s not all for Monster Hunter Rise fans as ver.3.1 will be releasing soon on June 24th, with new events, quests, and cosmetic items to enjoy. 

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Lastly, Capcom revealed a trailer for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the European and American release of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, and the sequel The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. 

This action-packed pair of games, previously only available in Japan, launches on July 27th 2021 and will have you playing as Phoenix Wright’s ancestor throughout 19th century Japan and London in ten new cases and eight mini escapades. 

Following the trailer, Capcom unveiled gameplay for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, featuring two new mechanics for the series, Dance of Deduction and Summation Examination. While actual dancing may be minimal, hopefully, these new mechanics will revitalise the tried and tested gameplay for fans in this western release. 

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The last portion of Capcom’s showcase presentation was dedicated to the Capcom Pro Tour, the “premier league destination for competitive fighting games” that’s touring the world in 32 events across 19 territories whilst playing plenty of Street Fighter and giving opportunities to the games rising talent.  

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