HERE Transit now covers the full rail network in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and UK



here transit

Nokia’s HERE Transit (/Public Transport) has seen a significant update with further improvements in the scope of their database.

David Volpe is senior product manager for HERE transit, revealed that HERE Transit now provides 100% coverage  in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK.  In the UK, overground rail services have been a recent addition, completing the transit picture there.

The company is also working towards full coverage of Finland, Lithuania, and Iceland, and through recent deals with Deutsche Bahn in Germany, and with the Parisian transit authorities have made other notable additions. HERE also taps directly into the source data from Deutsche Bahn, so any changes to services are reflected immediately, and the train timetable is reported in real-time.

The improvements should take immediate effect, meaning regular users should see improved results right away.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via AAWP (screen shot credit AAWP)


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