HERE Maps Now Includes Expanded Transit Data Coverage For Windows Phone Devices

here transit


Nokia yesterday announced that they have updated their transit data coverage around the world to include new cities. Since this update is done behind the scenes so there’s no need to update your apps to enjoy the new content.

Updated coverage details:

  • Transit routes for Tasmania
  • Latest North American update includes transit directions for Fredericton, capital of Canadian province New Brunswick as well as 19 cities in the US including Orlando, Detroit and Raleigh.
  • Some improvements to the suburbs around New York, including Sussex County in New Jersey.
  • Besides full coverage of Flanders, HERE Maps now have complete bus information for Belgium.
  • They have updates in France – including Rennes and Marseille.
  • In Spain, they added Granada, Huesca and Ávila.
  • In India, they now have transit coverage in Mangalore, Nagpur, Rajkot and Jaipur.
  • They have expanded transit information in Brazil, too, with the addition of Goiania
  • Italians can now get around more easily in Trento, Brescia, Mantua and Verona.

Source: HERE