Rolling out updates on a timely basis is something that a lot of Android smartphone manufacturers struggle with. There are only a few who label delivery of software updates as a top priority and Xiaomi is definitely one of them.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has officially announced the release date of MIUI 11 via Twitter. October 16 is when the company will start the rollout of the much-awaited update. Except for the date announcement, the company revealed nothing, thus leaving us in the dark about which Xiaomi smartphones will be getting the update and which ones are out of the race.

Xiaomi has been testing the MIUI 11 via the Open Beta program for the last few weeks, now it seems the company has addressed most of the annoying bugs and is ready to roll out the update to the public.

Which Xiaomi smartphones do you think will get the MIUI 11 update at the earliest? Throw your guess in the comments section below.