Microsoft Edge developers are now taking the Insider feedback seriously. The software giant has prepared a list of the most important feedback that they received from users who are testing the browser over the last few months. And the best part is that the company made it public so that users can know what are features that will be coming in the future.

 Features that are coming in next September

  • An option to prevent auto-play of video and audio when you open a website
  • A round of improvements to scrolling experience, with more (including performance) to come down the line
  • The addition of a favorites button to the toolbar, to provide quicker access to favorites

Features that are coming in next October

  • Inking on PDFs
  • When you sign-in to the browser, your sign-in profile picture will accurately be kept up to date.
  • When you have more than one profile, better handling for opening links and attachments in the appropriate profile.
  • An option to set your own photos as the background image on the New Tab Page
  • Enable search in the extensions store
  • A bug fix for users who receive an “Administrator Mode Detected” notification (advising them to close and relaunch the browser in non-administrator mode) each time they launch Edge
  • ClickOnce deployment of Windows applications from web pages

Features that the Edge team is currently reviewing

  • Feature requests for the New Tab Page, including the capability to turn off the news feed, to hide the Bing search bar, to change the search provider, to rename tiles, and to support Dark Theme
  • Bring back features from the current version of Microsoft Edge such as tab set aside, tab preview, “Ask Cortana”, and the reading list
  • Make it easier to share web content with other users and apps
  • Provide an option to set a custom home page
  • Update the user interface with the Fluent Design System, including less rounded tabs
  • Support themes from the Chrome Web Store
  • Allow sign-in to the browser with a Google account
  • Provide different options for sorting favorites
  • Provide run / open / save / save as options when downloading files

However, plans can change down the road as Microsoft said that they can prioritize some feature over another if need be, meaning that the order of priority may change in future. The best part is Microsoft won’t leave you in the dark about such events as the company has promised that it will let the users know in case they change the “timing or direction shift” on any of the upcoming features.

via: Techdows