Yesterday Twitter released a new update for Android users which brought support for Lights out dark mode. The mode will allow OLED users to save battery as it can turn off the pixels completely as opposed to the existing dim mode that changes the background to dark blue.

While the feature has already rolled out, users are not seeing them on their app. To fix the problem, you will need to clear storage and cache so the app downloads the fresh settings from the server. To do that, you will need to follow the steps below.

  • Head to Settings>Apps>Manage Apps and search for Twitter.
  • Next up, select Twitter and tap on Force close (Press okay if you get a warning)
  • Now select storage and clear data. Again tap on okay if you get a warning message. This will reset the app back to defaults and will download the settings from the server.
  • Next up open the app and repeat the first steps to force close it again.

This should ideally download the lights out dark mode settings for Twitter and the next time you open the app, you can head to Settings>Display and select Lights out mode to enable the feature.

Via Techdows