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Herbalist WP

Did you know that plantain syrup rid you of cough, chamomile bath healed all wounds and St.John’s wort tea soothed your jangled nerves? Herbs have taken an important part in natural healing for centuries and nowadays they are also intensively used in modern medicine. Learn to recognize, pick and use them.

What is Herbalist

Herbalist is a lexicon of healing plants, intended mainly for herbalists, botany students and all Nature lovers. It contains over 100 herbs mainly from Europe, Asia, and North America, including detailed descriptions, professional botanical illustrations, distribution maps, pick & use instructions and more.

QR code The offline catalog and advanced search functionality make it ideal for use directly in the field. Beside that, it helps the user find the right herb for certain health disease. Regular updates with new herbs are provided through the catalog sync function.

Herbalist is available for download in the Windows Phone Store. Basic free version is restricted to 20 herbs, full catalog is available through an in-app purchase.

Found a mistake, needing help with the app or missing your favorite herb? Let us know on Facebook or the Herbalist website.

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