Help Cortana Become Even Smarter With The Microsoft Prediction Lab


10, 2014

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You must be aware of the fact that Microsoft’s Bing and Cortana now offers predictions on various things. Right from football matches to senate results, Bing had a great success story over the past few months. A project of Microsoft Research, the Microsoft Prediction Lab combines the latest forecasting techniques and algorithms with the wisdom of the crowd to predict all of these outcomes.

“Our team aims to push the boundaries of research in prediction markets, polls, and forecasting. The Microsoft Prediction Lab is a laboratory in which we study things like cutting-edge techniques to keep astronomical numbers of interrelated crowd forecasts consistent, the most effective ways to design prediction questions, and how to produce data visualizations that allow you to quickly understand our forecasts.”

Now, you can help Bing and Cortana to become even smarter. The Microsoft Prediction Lab also offers games in its website which you “bet” points to vote on a specific issue. Future topics may include science and technology, foreign affairs, and social issues. Visit Microsoft Prediction Lab to play the game.

via: Lumia Conversations

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