HD2 Now Can Take Locked Pictures, But With An App

One of the cool things we have seen in all these demo videos is the ability for WP7 to take pictures while the device is lock. That is a very nice concept and it seems the person that brought us the video brought us this news about the xda application development. This news come from Pocketnow who were tipped of this new XDA application called  Camera lock button. Created by MilaCzeque and available to all HD2 owners, it does just what WP7 can do, by letting you press the home button twice while locked and your taken to the camera app and returned to the lock screen after.

If I took many pictures with the HD2’s great Camera, I would actually get this, but I have found myself taking less and less as time goes on and have become a little conservative on the matter.

If you on the other hand find taking pictures on your device an hourly thing, download this and let us know how it goes.