HD2 Issues and Solutions!

 Leo We recently received an email with:

Last week I received my HTC HD2, I have encountered several problems & wonder
if you can help me with any of them:

So, lets see what we can do to help the issues!

I like to customise my sounds for messages received etc.  Normally you would copy audio files to the windows directory. When you plug into PC, you cannot view windows folder.  To copy & paste, you normally click at the end of the list to be able to paste.  Where you cannot use a stylus you cannot do this as the gap for fingers is too small.  How can I get around this?

You have to hit menu, edit and then paste. This isn’t quite as fast, but does at least work. To display \Windows you need to make sure you’ve enabled viewing system/hidden files on your desktop.

Secondly I like to use Phone keypad as my writing tool.  Depending on whether you are in email, messages, opera, or anywhere else it does not always display phone keypad & other switches off t9.

In the browser, T9 is disabled as Opera should handle that. It does the same whilst typing the address in HTC Messaging, and without Outlook I guess it switches to QWERTY to make the letter by letter searching faster, you’ll just have to get used to it I think…

The HD2 does not have the voice speed dials like the HD.  This was great, can it be downloaded anywhere?

It certainly can be downloaded, there’s MS Voice Commander and Cyberon Voice Speed Dial, which have been extracted from ROMs, though I’m not sure whether we can post cabs here for licensing reasons…

When changing ringtones, testing the sounds is not easy for selection.

If you go to the Settings tab in Sense, and then "Sound & Display" within each of the popups for notifications, ringtone etc, simply hitting the sound you want to play should give you a preview.

It is not easy to end tasks & a long process to get to task manager.  You cannot select this as a program shortcut, is there a way around this?

You can manually go to \Windows, find TaskMgr.exe and then create a shortcut to it under \Windows\Start Menu\Programs, or I can whip up a cab in a second.

When I use youtibe, it often will not work saying unable to find vidoes.  I have ended my internet connection & started program again with no success. Rebooting does nto help.

This may well be a service provider issue, some networks (T-Mobile UK for example) block YouTube. One possibly fix is to disable Proxy settings for the connection. (Settings->Menu->All Settings->Connections->Connections->Manage Proxy…. Uncheck the "This network uses a…" box)

Finally, it should play avi files, I have been unsuccessful with this.

You may need a third party player such as CorePlayer or TCPMP. My HD2 doesn’t support AVI natively either… Alternatively, there is the Touch HD Video Encoder that can be found here (I’m in the process of making something similar for HD2 only…

Hope that lot helps both the person that sent in the email, and anyone else who’s getting frustrated at their HD2!

If anyone else has any questions regarding the HD2, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

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