HD2 as flash light

The developer of TorchButton for the Raphael and a few other devices has updated his software to take advantage of the LEDs in the HTC HD2.

TorchButton V2.0 has five modes of which four are supported on the HD2.

|   Normal:   Simply enable the flashlight until the application is started again or
|             the configurable timeout occurs (60 seconds by default). This mode
|             can be used for a prolonged period. I have only tested it up to 5 minutes
|             though.
|   Blink:    The Blink mode turns the LED on and off in specific intervals that you
|             can configure in the registry. An example of usage is the bike light.
|   SOS:      This is extensive mode that supports sending custom morse code. The text
|             to be sent via morse code signals can be configured in the registry. This
|             defaults to "sos ", thus the SOS name for this mode. NOTE that the flashlight
|             timeout does NOT interrupt a text. It checks if the timeout occurred when it
|             starts over again and quits when it reached the timeout.
|   PTT:      The Push-To-Talk/Torch mode. When you device has a key you can map to ‘hold’,
|             you can use this feature to keep the light on as long as the key is pressed.
|             The AT&T Fuze is one of those devices with a PTT button.|            
|   Bright:   The Bright mode is exactly the same as the Normal mode, with the only
|             difference being that the LED is more bright. This mode is equal to the
|             short moment when you make a photo with flashlight on. Note that this mode
|             does stress the LED and should not be used for prolonged periods. On the
|             Touch Pro I have used this up to a minute without problems. This feature
|             may or may not be available on some devices.

“Bright” isn’t supported on the HD2 yet.

If no one else does, I will work on a UI for sending custom Morse messages via the LED and have a few tweaks like a GUI for controlling all the settings above. If you want any features, let me know in the comments and I’ll get to work!

Get it now on XDA-Developers

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