HD Voice Issues on the Lumia 800?

imageHD Voice is an audio codec supported by some carriers and some mobile phones which dramatically improve mobile phone audio quality, or at least it is supposed to

Unfortunately Matt found the Nokia Lumia 800, which does support HD Voice using the AMR-WB codec on Telstra, actually sounds a lot worse when making HD Voice phone calls.

He writes:


We’ve just rolled out 14 new Nokia Lumia 800’s from Telstra and have found this issue.
AMR-WB (Telstra label = HD Voice) between two Lumia’s sounds really bad. See below:

AMR-WB only ‘turns on’ when you make the call between two compatible phones. If we use our Lumia’s at work to call other phones it’s fine, but Lumia to Lumia it sounds horrible.

HTC Mozart to Lumia = Perfect
Lumia to Lumia = Horrible
Lumia to Landlines = Perfect

Confirmed with all 14 handsets, we have reset a few of them to see also.

I think the original issue with ‘Sound Quality’ (Lack of Bass) that has been fixed (and the update preinstalled on the Telstra handsets) still affects the small chances of placing a HD Call. The S’s in call are very hissy and you can hear an echo.

Matt is asking if anyone else on Telstra has run into this issue, either with a phone call between two Lumias or possibly between a Lumia and another handset which support the technology, like the Galaxy S2.

Let us know your experience with HD Voice (also supported by Orange UK) in the comments below.

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