HTC HD Mini makes the Big apperance on Amazon UK



Just last month the HTC HD Mini was announced at MWC, and already Amazon UK has a price and date. The information just recent popped up on their site, and it seems the HD Mini will be prices at a surprisingly decent 369 pounds which translates to $556USD. The price is just a few short of the HD2, but you get a little less screen and a little less worries.

Amazon is setting the release date to be April 14, 2010, which is quite a while away if you think about it. MIX is just in 2 weeks and that seems ages away. The UK residents can rest assured that they will be getting free shipping for their new device.

To recap on some features, the device has a 3.2” inch HVGA capacitive display, 600mhz processor, Sense UI, Windows Phones 6.5 and some other pretty standard features. If you have been in the market for a smaller device with a capacitive display, this is this could just very well be your next buy.

Via: WME

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