Have a 3D printer? Take your wireless charging plate vertical with this free design model


3D printing is all the rage, as it allows one to make unique but durable creations nearly as good as manufactured goods.

I am sure many of us have thought about propping up our wireless charging plate so we could use our phone while it was charging. A 3D printed cradle lets one do so elegantly, but of course not all of us have the skill and experience to turn our ideas into solid creations.

Thankfully Abdel Rachyd has done most of the work for us, designing the above cradle which fits Nokia’s wireless charging plate like a glove, and he has kindly made the design available for free.

If you have access to a 3D printer download his design from Shapeways for free here. If you don’t you can still get Shapeways to print the design for you themselves, but that will cost you a pricy 57 Euro, at which point a Nokia Desktop Cradle will probably make a lot more sense.

Thanks Abdel for the tip.