Harold Halibut looks like it’s entirely stop motion claymation. Seriously, we can’t stop thinking it’s not claymation.

Apparently, it’s not an unending number of hours of claymation, and is instead some of the best unity animation that we’ve ever seen, creating a gorgeously realistic clay aesthetic that is bafflingly good, as you can marvel at in the trailer

Not only does the trailer look outstanding visually, but there’s the promise of a good story, and a gorgeous environment to adventure around in this narrative-focused game. 

As the titular Harold, you’ll be venturing around your ark of a spaceship, stranded on an aquatic alien world with time running out on a launch window to leave. As assistant to the ships lead scientist, you’ve got the chance to potentially lead the ship to a new dryer home, though some aboard seem content in residing to their watery fate. 

If you can’t quite wrap your head around just how real the claymation looks, thankfully there’s a ‘making of’ teaser to explain things a little, showing off some of the serious care and attention that went into making everything. 

There’s no release date for the full game yet, but you can now wishlist the game on Steam. Until its full release,  we can’t help but be excited for the eventual release as we watch the trailer over and over again.