HangNews Free v.1.5 now in Marketplace

HangNewsFree HangNewsFree HangNewsFree

iepa! Studios has just published a new version of his videogame for Windows Phone 7.5. It’s called HangNews Free and it’s based on the classic Hangman.
Are you ready to enjoy infinite playing?

In HangNews you will have to guess words from newspaper headlines in order to find out what’s going on in the world. The most interesting thing is that you will never repeat any solved headline because you can update all headlines anytime and anywhere whether data connection is enabled and available.

We have created this first version in three languages, English, Catalan and Spanish and the headlines refer to the countries where these languages are native.

With two level difficulties and two game modes your enjoyment will never end.

You will play with news from :

  • Catalan: Naciodigital.cat, elperiodico.cat, ara.cat, e-noticies.cat, eldebat.cat, elpunt.cat, avui.cat, blogs.ccrtvi.com, apple.bloks.cat, bitscatalans.cat, vadejocs.ara.cat & cinemacatala.net.
  • Spanish: elpais.com, abc.es, elmundo.es, elconfidencial.com, as.com, elmundodeportivo.es, marca.com, sport.es, es.engadget.com, gizmovil.com, genbeta.com, xataka.com, 3djuegos.com, vidaextra.com, eurogamer.es & expansion.com.
  • English: nytimes.com, cnn.com, abcnews.com, foxnews.com, usatoday.com, msnbc.com, engadget.com, gizmodo.com, gamespot.com, ign.com, kotaku.com & businessweek.com.

hangnewsqrHangNews Free can be found in Marketplace here.