Handyscan – Portable scanner for Windows Phone




Scan anything, PDF anything, email anything, cloud anyhting! Yes, take those hard copies with you!

Handyscan is a document scanner and document keeper. With this app you can scan anything into your phone and carry it with you, send it by email or save it to the cloud.

From receipts to contracts; from comics to class lessons, magazines & newspaper articles, old photos, notes, souvenirs, balance statements, contact cards, brochures, signatures, invoices, etc, etc, etc.

Even more, with the paid version you can export any document to PDF and send it to any email address or to the cloud.

Key features

  • Scan any type of document or object
  • Automatic scan trigger eliminates need to press a button, allowing firm pulse for optimal scan
  • Independent scanning resolution and flash options
  • Automatic optimization of scanned images
  • Grayscale and pure black/white options
  • Deep zoom in/out controls for the resulting scan
  • Align and crop scanned document
  • Perspective and skew correction for the not perfect takes
  • Scan multiple pages per document and save as a single file
  • Large and readable thumbnails
  • Create collage pages with scanned images
  • Import & export photos
  • Send scanned document via email, either in JPG or PDF format (full version only)
  • Upload scanned documents to the cloud (SkyDrive or Dropbox)
  • Backup all your sources to the cloud as well
  • Choose size and quality for sending scanned results
  • Add text to documents. Can fill in forms without a pen!
  • Scan/digitalize signatures
  • Electronically sign documents with your scanned signatures
  • Realistic scanning visual effects


Full version costs $2.99 with free trial.

Free version limitations:

  • Cannot send via email directly from the app
  • Cannot convert to PDF
  • Images saved to media hub have a small watermark at the bottom
  • Cannot restore backups
  • Has Ads

Get all info at the official site.

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