Handwrite Notes is updated to 1.3 and provides free version


25, 2012

Handwrite FreeHandwrite FreeHandwrite Notes

A major update has been released for Handwrite Notes – a very fast app for taking handwritten notes. Each note can be pinned to Start as a Live Tile.

With this update, you can change height of lines, width of spaces, or choose a color theme. The new is the support for right-to-left writing. The app contains a new tutorial, you can use gestures for deletion and indentation of words.

If you want to take some notes quickly without typing on keyboard, write a shopping list for your wife, or write down for yourself how many beers you had yesterday, this is the app for you! You can share notes via SkyDrive, you can pin them to Start and have them all visible. You can write down math formulas, or any sentences in your native language (Russian, Chinese…). Handwrite Notes is a very fast, Windows Phone exclusive app.


  • automatic save
  • sync and backup to SkyDrive
  • export note as image
  • gestures support, color themes, landscape & portrait view
  • set height of lines, width of spaces
  • write left-to-right or right-to-left

Handwrite Notes

The app is available for free or as a full version for $1.99. The free version is ad-free and almost fully functional –  limitations: you can have only 2 notes at one time and you can not export them as image.

Handwrite FreeHandwrite Notes

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