Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 920 at Photokina in Cologne, Germany


Some of you may already know: Nokia is present with Carl Zeiss Optics at the Photokina in Cologne, Germany. The Photokina is the world’s biggest trade fair about photography and new imaging technologies.  WhenI heard Nokia is presenting a the Lumia 920 at the Photokina I immediately called my friend Pascal who lives in Switzerland and we met in in Cologne just for the 920 – as you may have already guessed our expectations were really high: We saw everything, but were not disappointed (OK, we were not allowed to take a look at the whole UI, but at the camera, at the screen and at the performance, for instance).

The camera

Nokia has built a 8.7 MPX PureView camera into the Lumia 920 – but not the Pureview we know from the 808 PureView, but a new version of PureView. This new version is the first camera chip in a smartphone which supports optical image stabilization (OIS). This will allow you to take brilliant videos and great pictures even at night, as the pictures do not contain motion blur. The videos which were shown and taken with the 920  by myself were impressive! My handshake was really heavy, but the video was absolutely still and completely clear! Same for the pictures: It doesn’t matter if they were made in the black box (which simulates the night) or in normal conditions, the pictures were great: So great, that I forgot to make a video (sorry :-/). Even if the earlierst videos and pictures were faked, at least to us it was proven the camera does as well as promised.

But even more impressive than the quality of the pictures and videos is the size of the camera sensor! It is really small (OK, for a phone it’s quite big, but in comparison to real cameras it is very small). I could never imagine such a small chip can have such a great image stabilization!

WP_000087 WP_000082

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The Screen

PureMotion HD+  is the technology the screen uses, and you can clearly see that! The picture is so impressively sharp, the colors are absolutely natural and moving things are really smooth! Well, I was a bit disappointed: The screen was promised to make absolutely blurless movements (and it actually was better than on normal screens), but it was not as good I expected. There was a visible blur (and not because of the eye) – I thought it would be better. I had a 60Hz HD Ready TV (as far as I know the Lumia 920 has also 60Hz) some time ago, and the movement on the  TV were a bit sharper and smoother. Anyways, don’t get me wrong: The screen was better than everything I have seen before (even better than my Full HD LED-TV at home!!!).

The performance

The employees were not allowed to show anything but the camera and the screen, but I could take the device in my hand and take a look at it. While I did this, I “accidently” opened some apps Zwinkerndes Smiley. I did not take a look at the apps I opened, so I couldn’t notice changes in the UI, but what I noticed was the lightning fast performance of the Lumia 920. Everything opened absolutely immediately (well, WP 7.5 is already very fast, but the 920 was even faster). There was not the smallest lag, not the smallest delay in the whole OS.

The device itself

Nokia presented all it’s new technologies on a yellow device. I expected a really big and heavy weapon, but the 920 fit perfectly in my hands (which are pretty small) and was much lighter than I expected! I thought about a heavy device, but was surprised when I lifted the Lumia 920 – it wasn’t even that heavy. That’s not everything, the device also felt really thin because of its curved form, and the material felt great either. Nokia also said it has a curved glass, which we already know from the Lumia 800, but it was not as amazing as on Nokia’s first Windows Phone. It of course felt great, but you can feel it is less curved than the 800’s screen.

WP_000080 WP_000083

The Lumia 920 impressed us! At least for me it is the perfect phone. Unfortunately even the Nokia-People at Photokina were not able to tell us a release date… We still have to wait patiently.

Just by the way: I praise Nokia for its very nice and friendly emloyees. Both, Kristina and Ari, showed the visitors the devices with fun (as it seems) and ease and they were absolutely not like “just look and go away”. To me both seemed to be very friendly, perfectly organized and nice, and I’m honest: You won’t see this everywhere and at every company.

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