Hands on with Instagram for Windows Phone

Hands on with Instagram for Windows Phone

Here’s our quick video preview/review of the official Instagram app just released on Windows Phone!

Overall, the app looks great. Browsing through photos and accounts is smooth and snappy. The interface is elegant.


However, there are a few flaws. The most obvious one occurs if you have a lot of pictures on your phone… When you click the button to create a new Instagram photo, the page takes forever to load due to all your existing pictures. Mine takes about 7 seconds to open. Instagram unwisely chose to make their own photo picker, when they could have used the default photo picker Microsoft provides. And Instagram obviously did a poor job creating their own photo picker.

Another flaw (which might apply to all platforms) is that when editing a picture, the picture effect thumbnails aren’t live previews of your picture. Instagram should show live previews of all the effects, instead of a generic balloon.

Videos also aren’t supported, but Instagram stated that they will be bringing that!

Overall, the viewing portion of the app is awesome, snappy, and fast. The posting process is clunky and slow.

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