Hands on with the NuAns Neo


The NuAns Neo is the weirdest Windows Phone we’ve seen in a while. Unlike the other Windows Phones released here, it isn’t targeted towards business users, it also isn’t targeted towards the low-end of the market like other devices. Instead this phone is seen as a fashion device, a nice device to go with your other fashion accessories and one that is very different from your traditional iPhone and Android device.

The phone feels very comfortable in the hand, the overall shape of it being reminiscent of the Lumia 920 and 735. It has a completely port-free top and sides, with the USB type C ad headphone jack going to the bottom, contributing to the phones overall clean look.

The back of the device is what attracts the most attention. It has a two piece design that can be customized by the users to provide roughly 64 configurations.The model I played with had a wood and olive felt design on the back, giving it a really comfortable feel.

The internals are reminiscent of the HTC A9, it has a Snapdragon 617 and a 5 inch 720 p screen which – while adequate – isn’t mind-blowing. But that’s OK, the point of this device isn’t to be the newest shiniest thing, it is to play with the design of smartphones and get something that you can really feel is your own,

Smartphones are becoming homogenized, the newest phones are just thinner, faster, and shinier than the last. Phones like the NuAns Neo, HP Elite X3 and LG G5 are phones that I find really exciting. While they have good specs as modern smartphones are wont to do, they also try to do something extra special so as not to be just another iPhone or Galaxy clone, and I respect that.

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