Handango inHand makes its way to the Vodafone Samsung Omnia, still looks bad

Speaking of the Samsung Omnia, the GSM version has been in the wild for a while now, and has received quite a few updates. The latest one, as reported by Coolsmartphone, brings two news features.

The first is the so-called Rich Internet, which seems to be a nice graphical portal to Vodafone’s online services. The second, more interesting one, is the addition of the Handango inHand client. The software, which is at least 5 years old, and looks it, was last seen on another high profile device, the SE Xperia X1.

While this more is obviously quite appropriate, and very likely a response to the iPhone app store, I can not understand why Handango has not seen fit to update the client either cosmetically or functionality wise. The application is slow, ugly and clunky, and not up to the standards expected today. Here’s hoping one of those Handango software updates actually update the client itself to be more competitive.

Read more about the update at Coolsmartphone.com, or download it from Vodafone’s site here.