Halo Wars 2’s Xbox One X enhancements provide strategic benefits for gameplay

343 Industries revealed a while ago that Halo Wars 2 would be receiving Xbox One X enhancements, and now we know just what those entail and how they will affect your gaming experience. The real-time strategy is about to get a whole lot more awesome.

Speaking to Xbox Wire, 343 Industries’ Greg Stone noted that while HDR and 4K resolution support are beautiful visual enhancements, they don’t just benefit the game’s looks. Players will be able to more easily discern what is going on on the battlefield, and this is incredibly important for an RTS game.

“For a real-time strategy game, having support for 4K resolution is not just a visual improvement but a strategic one. This is because RTS players have to constantly make strategies and adjustments on the fly based on the units that they see. With 4K, you get so much more visual feedback that can actually help you improve as a player – you’ll be able to more easily discern an army composition at a glance with the increased visual fidelity, which is critical for coming up with counter strategies, recognizing key threats and more.”

You don’t need to worry if you have yet to purchase a 4K television as the Xbox One X will still run the game better on a 1080p screen through supersampled antialiasing. Not only that, but you’ll experience faster load times as well, no matter what type of resolution your monitor supports.

Stone said that the team hopes fans are as excited as they are for this upgrade. Players will ideally start to notice some of the finer details in Halo Wars 2 like “the subtle harmonics of a particle beam from a Locust, the smoke from a Scorpion’s canister impact, the depth of the Methane gas that envelops a field from Yapyap’s Leader Power and more.”