Halo Reach PC release date leaked ahead of X019


14, 2019

HaloThe Halo Reach PC release date has been an elusive sparkle for Microsoft’s upcoming video game lineup. Well, no longer! It’s just leaked.

With the company’s X019 event finally underway, the remastered game’s release date was sure to be a surprise announcement. Many of us had the game’s release pegged as a surprise, “And it’s available now!” moment.

Unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what the release appears to be.

Discovered by website TrueAchievements, the Microsoft Store page for Halo: The Master Chief Collection lists a sparkly new release date.

The Xbox One title is currently showing a November 14th release date. (That’s today!) If Microsoft was planning a surprise release – which they definitely are – then that would explain the change in date. (Which is does!)

Unfortunately for PC players, it would appear that you’ll have to wait slightly longer than console players. Instead of the Xbox One date of November 14th, Halo Reach PC is currently listed as releasing on December 3rd.

The highly anticipated PC port is a tad more complicated than the Xbox One port. While it certainly hasn’t been a smooth ride bringing the title to a new platform – especially with the recreation of the game’s armour system in Unreal Engine 4 – PC has proven tricky.

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