The development of Halo Infinite has reportedly been disrupted by the ongoing creation of the long in-development Halo TV show.

According to a report by The Thurrot, an anonymous “insider” said that Halo Infinite development was distracted by 343 Industries’ focus on the upcoming TV show by Showtime.

“One insider states that the production of the Halo TV series for ShowTime has been a significant distraction for 343 management,” writes Thurott’s Brad Sams. “Often times taking their priority instead of focusing on making sure development progress is on the right path to reaching its targeted deadline.”

Secondly, the report claims that 343 Industries relied on a heavy amount of externally contracted work by third-party developers for work on Halo Infinite. The sheer amount of contracted work has been described as “a ratio higher than a typical studio undertakes during development which has caused significant headaches for cross-development collaboration.”

The report even goes on to state that the 2019 Discover Hope trailer that debuted at E3 was “again outsourced and at that time, the game was not in a state that was playable at that level of fidelity” despite the trailer being labelled as “Game Engine Footage”.

Halo Infinite - E3 2019 - Discover Hope

Finally, Thurott’s report claims that the “engineering and marketing [teams] have been on two different planets”. According to the report, “engineering has been asking for delays and to hold material back but marketing has been plowing forward.”

This last section is by far the most immediately believable considering the recent delay of Halo Infinite and the news that the game was likely to have been split up into parts to justify an earlier release for the Xbox Series X. It’s clear that there are issues with Halo Infinite’s development; hopefully they’ll be remedied by next year’s launch.