The Halo Infinite demo is being remade in Halo 5 by multiple forgers


17, 2020

GThe Halo Infinite demo shown off during Microsoft’s recent Xbox Games Showcase may not have been incredibly impressive, but remaking the gameplay reveal in Halo 5: Guardians’ Forge mode would be.

We’ve already seen the Halo Infinite demo sort of recreated inside PlayStation 4’s exclusive game creation tool Dreams, but this recreation goes far further than that.

Created by Halo 5 player Blttserz, the impressive recreation of the Halo Infinite demo has been condensed into a 4v4 Slayer map called Arrival. Everything from the demo is there: the slipspace gates, the crashed pelican, the Forerunner pillars, and more.

It’s a genuinely impressive effort to retool the mystery and wonder that Halo Infinite’s gameplay reveal left us with into a fast-paced multiplayer map. While there won’t be grappling hooks and Halo Infinite weaponry, of course, the feeling of Halo is thoroughly present.

Check out the trailer below:

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If a Slayer multiplayer map isn’t your cup of tea, prominent Halo 5 forger UsortedGuy – who created a phenomenal Halo Wipeout map a few years ago – has made a proper remake of the first half of the gameplay reveal.

In this version, you start out in the crashed pelican, shoot some grunts and even drive a Warthog over a gigantic jump. Check out the video below:

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