Halo Infinite 64 fan demake shows an adorable look at Zeta Halo


6, 2020

Some people may have been upset at the level of visual fidelity available in Microsoft’s cross-gen reveal of Halo Infinite may be enamoured by this amiable Halo Infinite 64 remake. 

Created by YouTuber Hoolopee, Halo Infinite 64 shows the starting sequence of last month’s gameplay reveal in adorable blocky visuals.

Opening on the exciting crash landing scene, Hoolopee’s Halo 64 demake perfectly replicates the visual representation of a generation of games released before the original Halo was playable on the original Xbox.

Visuals are adorably polygonal, textures and objects pop into view right in front of you and faces look as if they’ve been pinched and pulled forward. The Halo Infinite 64 demake doesn’t cover the entire gameplay reveal; Retro Chief finds his way to the Warthog and drives up a ramp to grab a Mario 64 Star.

As it turns out, Chief was in Craig’s Crash Site all along. Oh my. Check out the video below!

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