Halo Channel app arrives on iOS and Android, coming to Windows phones with Windows 10


10, 2015

Author Surur // in Apps, News


The Halo Channel app is the home for all news, community, Halo Championship Series and Halo original programming including The Sprint, The Bulletin, and Red vs Blue. The app first launched on Xbox One and Windows 8 PCs & tablets last year, and yesterday was announced for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices.

Unfortunately as has become increasingly the case with Microsoft no Windows Phone app is planned, with Windows Phone users having to wait for a Windows 10 Mobile version to be made available at the launch of the OS.

It is not clear exactly when this will be, but even if its early October 2015 as rumoured, that is still a whole quarter away, and this does not even include the inevitable delay in roll-out times which may see some users having to wait till 2016 before the OS arrives on their handsets.

If Microsoft planned and released a Windows Phone app now it would work equally well on Windows 10 Mobile, particularly since an app already exists for Windows 8 tablets, meaning the need for a universal Windows 10 app is not really an issue.

Do our readers agree that Microsoft is once again doing Windows Phone users a disservice? Let us know below.

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