Halo 3: ODST And Halo 2: Anniversary Multiplayer Map Of Relic Coming To The Master Chief Collection


13, 2015

Halo 2

Microsoft today confirmed that Halo 3: ODST campaign and the Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer map of Relic are coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Microsoft will be sharing much more and providing details on launch dates soon.

Microsoft also said that the recent content update has normalized and improved matchmaking and the in-game experience for the majority of the gamers. They have another content update coming in April and they will be doing some things on the server side to help improve the experience between updates.

Below you can see a little sneak peek of 343 team’s latest progress on the upcoming content update.

Halo 3 Remastered Halo 2 Classic Halo 3 ODST

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