HalfBrick To Bring More Of Their Portfolio To WP7 – calls it “the next big mobile platform”

HalfBrick studios is the brain behind Fruit Ninja,one of the top selling mobile game in iPhone,Android and now in Windows Phone 7 too. Phil Larsen, Chief marketing officer of HalfBrick in an interview with VG247 have revealed that they are excited on Steve Ballmer, talking about Fruit Ninja at CES Keynote last week. Also when asked about porting Fruit Ninja from iOS to Windows Phone 7, he replied

We’ve got contacts at Microsoft, and as they were launching Windows Phone 7 they wanted it to compete with the iPhone – it’s the next big mobile platform. We like what Microsoft does, and we were happy to port Fruit Ninja to it. We’ve got a team here that handles that kind of thing.image

We brought it over, and we provided a bunch of good assets and information. It was released on December 22nd, so it’s only a couple of weeks old, and it’s done really well so far. It’s the number-one selling game on Windows Phone 7.

Being a Marketing officer, when asked about how is it to develop for Windows Phone 7 platform, he gave a wrong answer.

Windows Phone in general, as you saw during the conference, it has nine different phones. The challenge for developing for Windows Phone – and for Android as well, I guess – is that you need to accommodate for different devices, with different specs. Whereas iPhone is usually one thing.

I think he forgot about the Microsoft’s strategy to have minimum specs and common hardware design. He also said that they will eventually port other games from their portfolio to Windows Phone 7 over the time.

Source: VG247