Hacky News, a beautiful new Hacker News client for Windows Phone, is now available


4, 2014

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Hacky News (WP8.1) is a new application for the social news site Hacker News. If you read Hacker News, then you know how frustrating the website can be to use on mobile devices, and Hacky News changes that: it provides a fast and easy-to-use way to view stories from the front page and sections like Show HN, and features beautiful color-coded comment threads along with an integrated browser.

Currently, the app has 38 ratings in the Windows Phone Store worldwide, with 36 of them 5 star. See what the users have to say:

  • Best Hacker News app on the store bar none. This was an instant pin to my home screen.
  • Beautiful, fast and fluid. Great app!
  • One of the best designed and performing smartphone apps I have ever used.
  • So **** good! The best Hacker News client for WP. Fast, clean and fluid.
  • This is so so good. You should be using this app even if you do not read Hacker News.
  • 10/10 great navigation and fast

Login support for voting and writing comments is planned and will be added once those features become available in the official Hacker News API.

If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, be sure to leave them in the comments and follow @hackynewsapp on Twitter to stay up to date!

Download Hacky News from the Windows Phone Store (WP8.1 only) for free

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