Hacked HD7 supports Chinese text without Mango

Although full Chinese support, as with Japanese and Korean, is expected in Mango, Tezawaly has found evidence of a HD7 ROM which seems to give Chinese language support without Mango.

The OS build and firmware confirm that this isn’t Mango…

The device was bought by Japanese WP7 user @Pandora_Grani from Yahoo Auctions Japan. The seller claimed to have bought it in Shanghai or Hong Kong. While the phone appears to think it’s been set to English language, the text all over the phone (apart, strangely, from the Music & Video hub) is in Chinese. It’s suspected that this was made by ROM hackers at xda.cn. If this is an amateur effort, it’s an impressive one (though as I can’t read Chinese I can’t tell how well done or useful it really is).

via nanapho.jp