HabitChamp – Small habits, big changes – Recreate your life

habitchamp screenshot

HabitChamp is about forming positive habits and breaking negative ones
by tracking your progress. Change your daily routines and form new habits.
Report each day whether you succeeded with your habits. Build up streaks of
habits and try to keep these streaks alive.

How does it work:

All your habits for the day are shown in a list from top to bottom.
Different colors symbolize different habit states. Green means the habit is
already done. Red implies that the habit is still outstanding. Violet represents
an inactive habit for the current day. Press the blue circle to change your
habit’s current status. Swipe right to move into the past. Swipe left to move into the future. Use the home button to jump back to today’s date.

Feature list:habitchamp qrcode

  • It’s fun and supereasy to use
  • All your habits are shown at a glance
  • Swipe left/right to move into the future/past
  • Switch between timelines for daily/monthly or yearly view
  • Add daily reminder or reminder for specific days of a week
  • Keep track of your total number of days checked
  • Keep track of your current streak / longest streak
  • Set habit periods to a specific number of days or activate forever mode
  • Customize your UI
  • Activate live tiles for individual habits or an overview over all habits
  • Setup your lockscreen with additional information
  • Use OneDrive for backup/restore
  • Export your collected habit data

HabitChamp is free. A small ad is shown at the bottom of the screen. The ad can be removed via an in-app purchase. You can choose what you want to pay to remove the ad. The lowest pricepoint is 0.99.

You can download HabitChamp in the windows phone store.

For additonal information visit the HabitChamp website or @habitchamp on Twitter.