It was announced today that support for Gwent on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be discontinued in early December, limiting the game’s functionality until the company pulls the game from consoles entirely in mid-2020.

The news was broken in a post on the official Gwent website. As PC and mobile are proving the be the most popular platforms amongst Gwent players and it’s difficult to support and improve multiple versions of the game, CD Projekt Red has made the difficult decision to pull support for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

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Console players won’t be left in the dust, though. All Gwent console players will be offered an option to copy their account progress and purchases from their current platform to a GOG account, which can then be transferred to a PC or mobile version of the game.

The option to copy progress over will go live on December 9th. As GOG don’t support the merging of accounts, progress will only be able to be copied over to existing GOG accounts that don’t have any Gwent progression on them.

Players will be able to copy their progress over from the 9th of December, 2019, until the 9th of June, 2020.

Progress copied over will include:

  • All collected ornaments
  • Meteorite Powder (Xbox One players only)
  • All other currencies
  • Cards
  • Deck lists
  • Account level
  • Current Rank
  • Thronebreaker rewards
  • Contracts

Transferring Meteorite Powder from PlayStation 4 to GOG is not possible. As such, all PlayStation 4 players will have to spend their Meteorite Powder prior to requesting an account copy-over.

On the 12th of December, an update will be released for Gwent on consoles that will effectively ‘freeze’ Gwent in its current state. Both console versions will continue to be operational until the 9th of June, 2020, but will have limited functionality, including:

  • No more regular updates for console versions.
  • Future expansions and additional content won’t release on console.
  • All real-money purchases on consoles will be disabled as of today, December 4th.
  • After the update on December 9th, matchmaking on consoles with other platforms will no longer be supported.

Gwent on all other platforms will be unaffected.

If you’re interested in picking up Gwent on other platforms, you can get it on PC here and on iOS here. The game is completely free-to-play.