Guess how far Verizon has fallen in the Windows Phone stakes



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AdDuplex have posted their regular monthly Windows Phone usage data, and as usual it provides a interesting insight into the Windows phone world.

As usual it shows the Nokia Lumia 52x series as pretty dominant, with nearly 39% Windows Phone market share worldwide.

The low-end handset is not just ruling in the developing world, but is also shaping the Windows Phone market in USA.

Because Verizon is not offering the device, it has fallen from the first position in USA to the 4th, with only 13.4% of Windows phones in USA being on the carrier.

Even MetroPCS now has more Windows phone users at 14.6%. Because Verizon is in reality more than 30% of the US market the absence of the most popular Windows Phone handset in the carrier ultimately limits Windows Phone’s market share in USA, despite good performance on AT&T and T-Mobile. Microsoft desperately needs to get a low-end handset on Big Red.

In other news AdDuplex notes higher end Windows Phones are still not charting, with the  Lumia 1020 is at number 15, L1520 at 20, L1320 at 23 and Lumia Icon is number 38 among all Windows Phones in use (including WP7 devices).


GDR3 is now on 47% of handsets, which is somewhat low given that the OS update has been available to most for more than a month.

Lastly  AdDuplex has identified two new handsets:

  • Nokia RM-976, 977, 978, 979 – reportedly the successor in the Lumia 6xx line running Windows Phone 8.1 and with a screen resolution of 854×480.
  • Nokia RM-1010 –  seen almost exclusively in China, running WP 8.1 with a 854×480 screen resolution.

The full report can be seen here.

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