GSMArena reviews Windows Phone 7 OS

gsmarena_002GSMArena has published a detailed 7 page review of the Windows Phone 7 OS.  They do not actually look at an actual device (that will have to wait for the announcement of the OS) but they do look into the minutia of interacting with the software.

In general they are positive, but some limitations of the OS, such as lack of cut and paste and multi-tasking prevent them from saying it is an OS for the power-user that will overshadow Android or iOS4.

They do however give the OS high points for being intuitive, saying they were never lost, and the most obvious thing worked 80% of the time, and puts simplicity and usability first.

They conclude:

And if you’re paying big, you’d expect high-end functionality. But Windows Phone 7 falls short of expectations on several occasions – Android 2.x and iOS 4.x will wipe the floor with it as far as power users are concerned.

For Facebook, web browsing and music though it’s the cream of the crop. There are no WP7 phones officially unveiled yet so we can’t be certain of pricing, but carrier subsidies will probably be a must.

And while 1GHz CPU and a high-res screen command a high price right now, Microsoft has its eye on the future. In a couple of years those minimum requirements will move to the mid range and Windows Phone 7 will have had time to make its name as a guarantee for a solid user experience.

So, in the short term WP7 won’t overshadow Android or iOS, but it will be big in the future. Some market analysts even predict that it will push Microsoft’s mobile OS market share to iOS levels by 2014 (with 2010 all but gone, that’s just 3-4 years in the future).

Read the full review at GSMArena here.

Thanks Steve M. for the tip.

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