GSMArena does not think the HTC Titan camera is that great

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iPhone 4S HTC Titan

Its gets rather difficult to make a decision when the answers keep changing.

We posted recently that, in objective tests, the HTC Titan beat out a score of other cameras, including the iPhone 4S and the Nokia Lumia 800.

Now GSMArena have performed a series of tests on a large number of 8 megapixel phone cameras, and were not as impressed. 

They tested the new iPhone 4S,  the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S, the HTC Sensation XE, the Nokia N9 and the Windows Phone  HTC Titan.

They scored the HTC Titan last on the list, noting about its still picture performance:

The HTC Titan has a wider angle lens that its competitors, which gives it an edge in landscape shots, at the price of lower fine detail and more lens distortion when you get up close.

The noise reduction is too aggressive, giving photos that dreaded watercolor painting look. Fine detail is smeared over but even then, there’s still some color noise visible. The Titan finds a better balance between the clipping of the highlights and shadows than most but it suffers from the same yellowish oversaturated colors as the XE. There was a noticeable pink spot to most of the samples too.

Photos in the dark with the Titan were noisy with decent detail. The flash was strong but but there’s a tint affecting the whole photo. Other than that low-light shots are pretty usable.

They crowned the iPhone 4S as the best camera, and concluded about the HTC Titan:

The Titan managed to surprise us. We weren’t expecting much of a WP7 phone by HTC, but it offered very balanced still camera performance (with a knack for poor lighting) and solid video output (for a 720p shooter).

Read their full test here.

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