GScroll Reviewed – worth at least $5

The arrival of GScroll by mobileSrc has been quite exciting. We have seen software use the g-sensor and the light sensor and the navi-wheel and even the stylus sensor, but the large capacitive pad on the front of the HTC Touch Diamond and Pro has sadly gone un-utilized.

MobileSrc has finally broken that dry spell by releasing GScroll. The app makes good use of the area to replace the unreliable scrolling function of the D-pad on the HTC Touch Diamond and Pro, and also has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

The D-pad has 2 sensitive areas on the left and the right of the scroll wheel, and each area can be used to scroll up, down, left and right. Unfortunately one can not perform a long scroll by going fully from the right to the left of the device, crossing two pads. The amount of scroll can also be varied – from a line by line scroll to a full page down or up movement.

The software also allows one to use the g-sensor to scroll by inclining the device while touching the center D-pad. I have not been able to get this to work on the HTC Touch Pro.

A further great feature is launching apps by double tapping the 4 buttons on the navi-pad lightly (without actually depressing it). I ran into a few bugs, and found while this function worked well to launch apps, the file explorer to add shortcuts to launch did not work at all.

In short, GScroll is far from perfect, but do not let the criticism put you off. The application is a diamond in the rough, and brings much needed functionality to your Diamond or Pro and I am sure the bugs will be fixed pronto.

At $5 it is a real steal.

Read more at mobileSrc.

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