Group Tiles updated with Windows Phone 8.1 transparent tile support

April 21, 2014
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Group Tiles is an application that helps to better organize the tiles on your Start Screen. Group Tiles allows you to create custom stylist tiles that you can pin to your Start Screen as group headers, i.e. Games, News, Working, etc. This way you can organize your app tiles to groups and finding them will be much easier.

With the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1, Group Tiles has just been updated with support for transparent tile to show your start screen background.
Besides, Group Tiles also provides a lot of new customization options, including new patterns and more UI improvements.

New Features
– Support transparent tiles for Windows Phone 8.1.
– Select several of patterns for your tile.
– Improve the UI of all pages.

– Group Tiles does not create a folder. Group Tiles just generates special tiles that look like a group header so you can visually separate different groups on your Start Screen.
– Group Tiles cannot support the “wide and short” tile, simply because Windows Phone does not support tiles at that size. Therefore when you create a wide tile, it will have the same height as other wide tiles.Group Tiles QR

Group Tiles can be downloaded at the Windows Phone Store here or using this QR code.

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