Group SMS app now available on Windows Phone 7


6, 2011


Stefan Stumpfl wrote to let us know about a new Group SMS app he wrote:

Everyday when I brows through various forums I see many people asking for a way to create groups which can be used to send SMS or e-mails. Since there is no way to do this on windows phone 7 devices, I wrote an APP called Group SMS. Group SMS allows you to create groups of your contacts and send them SMS or e-mails.

The Windows Phone 7 design idea is really great, especially the panoramic view.

It makes it so much easier for the user to interact with the application without switching between multiple pages.

Group SMS perfectly adapts this design. The mainpage is a panoramic view where you can create and edit groups from your contacts and define message templates.

It also tries do adapt an very important Windows Phone concept: “get in, out, and back to life”.
It takes just a second to write a message to a group. Just start the app, tap the desired group and type the message.
Sending a predefined message is as easy and fast. Just tap the desired message on the panoramic view, swipe your finger to the left, tap the desired group and hit send. Thats probably as straight forward as it gets!

By the end of the week the app will support multiple languages, this includes german, french, italian, spanish and of course english.

Future updates will also bring synchronization with google groups and windows live groups!

Group SMS is $0.99 with a free trial. Find Group SMS in marketplace here.

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