Obsidian Entertainment’s miniscule survival game Grounded is now available for Xbox One and PC. 

The game, which starts Shazam superstar Zachary Levi, tasks players with surviving in a world where you’ve been shrunk down to incredibly tiny sizes. Imagine The Ant Bully but not like that in the slightest.

In Grounded, players wake up in a suburban backyard after being mysteriously shrunken to the size of an ant. Guided by a robot named BURG.L, players must explore, build, and survive while confronting the dangers and perils that come with suddenly being insect sized. Play single-player or co-op with friends as Max, Pete, Willow, or Hoops, and be sure to watch out for those pesky spiders. Oh if you have Arachnophobia, we have you covered with our Arachnophobia Mode making them way less…spider-like.

Grounded is now available on Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass and Steam Early Access for $29.99.