Grindr blocks Metrocrush, but planning a Windows Phone 7 app


A few weeks back Grindr, a gay dating service with iOS, Android and Blackberry apps, blocked MetroCrush, a Windows Phone 7 app which sold for $6.99 and connected with Grindr’s service.

At the time the community was quite upset, given that Grindr had professed no interest in the Windows Phone 7 platform.

It seems the outcry must have been loud enough, as Grindr has now said on Twitter that they are working on a Windows Phone 7 app.

While having MetroCrush removed from Marketplace of course sucked for those who purchased the expensive app, having an officially supported app is usually better, though of course the best of all worlds would be an open API and an official app.

Have any other significant official apps come to Marketplace? Let us know below.

Thanks Jamie for the tip.