Gridrunner Girl now free

Gridrunner Girl is a recently released arcade space shooter in which your job is to patrol the hostile borderlands, clearing the region of enemy combat units.

Initially released for $0.99, the app is now free and supports:

  • 30 levels of classic, pulse pounding arcade space shooter action
  • Modern cell-shaded 3D graphics done in an anime art style
  • Driving, edgy soundtrack that keeps pace with the action
  • Massive big boss battles and mini boss battles
  • Almost 2 dozen enemy types and obstacles, each with several different attack patterns
  • Increasingly difficult stages with bonus rounds
  • Online leader boards (can be filtered by daily, weekly, overall)
  • 2 game modes: Arcade and Survival – each with independent leader board
  • Save your progress at any time
  • Virtual joystick and accelerometer support

The game can be downloaded, for free from Marketplace here.