Google Stadia’s upcoming version of Codemaster’s Grid will feature an exclusive 40-player multiplayer mode. 

According to developer Codemasters, this upcoming mode is simply “not possible” on other platforms.

Speaking to WCCFTech, development director Mark Green explained the reasoning behind the mode being limited to Google’s streaming service.

“Perhaps the area with the biggest difference was the streaming,” Green said, “but also the ability of Stadia to talk to other Stadia so quickly transforms some ideas around multiplayer – for example developing a whole new mode for Grid Stadia which has 40 cars on track at the same time, something that just isn’t possible with other hardware.”

“With our 40-car mode, we’ve probably only just scratched the surface of what Stadia is capable of and I’d love to have more time with the designers and programmers looking at just how they can utilise the extra power.”

Green didn’t elaborate on why Stadia’s hardware can run the mode but not a high-end PC. While the mode certainly would not be playable on mid-range systems or current-gen consoles, it doesn’t mean too much got current PCs to handle.

Stadia launches on November 19th with only twelve launch titles to purchase. While an extra 14 titles will be released by the end of 2019, one of those games is Ghost Recon Breakpoint.