Grid Legends announced in EA Play


22, 2021

Codemasters, who were recently acquired by EA, has announced Grid Legends, the latest addition to the Grid franchise with a bigger story focus and a whole lot of racing, during EA’s much-hyped EA Play event. 

The Grid Legends trailer not only showcased a variety of new venues to race around, such as London and Moscow, but also some of the cars you’ll be able to do it in, such as the exceptionally quick Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar, or even a huge big rig racing truck.  

While we can always expect racing in the Grid franchise to feel wonderfully enjoyable, Grid Legends is more than just winning races for the sake of it, as there’s also going to be an engaging campaign attached too, which even features actor Ncuti Gatwa. 

The underdog tale of the campaign, which will have you trying to climb the ranks of the Grid World Series championship, will hopefully play as good as the trailer looks thanks to the addition of new eliminator and boost modes. On top of the traditional Grid racing, there is also going to be multi-class racing so you can try and survive as a piddly open-wheeler against an immense big rig truck, which just sounds like a great silly time. 

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Grid Legends has not been given a release date, nor have we been told which platforms it will be releasing on, so don’t expect anything sooner than 2022.

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